So many lists to choose from….

There are hundreds of lists on as many websites that will tell you what the biggest or most popular songs of the 90’s were. But back in the 90’s there was rarely a better source of what was actually popular than the videos that were playing on the legendary telly station MTV. With so many great shows that actually showed music videos 24/7 playing the biggest artists around the world non stop.

To pay tribute to the greatness that was MTV in the 90’s who better to provide us with the ultimate list of the Top 100 selling songs of the 90’s! We think you will find a few surprises in there too!

To see (watch the old videos) and hear (crank your speakers up) the biggest sellers of the 1990’s as compiled from

actual sales of singles (downloads didn’t even exist back then) just click on the iconic MTV logo!

Don’t forget if you have a favourite song from the 90’s that you haven’t heard us play yet, just get in touch and tell us what it is and we will make sure its included on our future play lists for our DJ’s to play soon.

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